MotoGP 14 Relives Championship With Real Events 2013

Developer Milestone stays close to the action when it comes to their racing games and MotoGP 14 is no different. In their latest project, they’ve added Real Events 2013 as a way for players to connect to the real sport.

Through Real Events 2013, players are able to relive moments from the actual MotoGP championship. Events will unfold just how they did during the races of this year’s races.

More interesting, however, you’ll have the chance to jump in and reshape these moments to your liking in Real Events 2013. This is shown in the trailer with just one in many gameplay scenarios.

With just three laps to go and a recent trip to the sand trap, Marc Marquez sees a top spot fade away, as they go into the fourth spot. In real life, Marquez fell short on the Mugello track, but here it will be possible to fight back.

MotoGP 14 takes its simulation seriously. It includes all drivers and tracks from the official season, as well as manufacturers and so on. Moreover, it throws in a bunch more names from past championships, for over 100 riders in total.

MotoGP 14 was also the first of its series to land on the new generation of consoles. Aside from its build on PC, Playstation 3, PS Vita and Xbox 360, the racing game dropped on Playstation 4 as well.

Its other bike title, MXGP, which looks over the motocross championships, will be heading to Playstation 4 as well. It’s due this fall.