Might & Magic Heroes 7 Announced by Ubisoft for 2015 Release on PC

More news has come out of Gamescom from Ubisoft, who announced that Might & Magic Heroes 7 with a debut Trailer in which Duke Ivan, the games lead character can be seen calling the Shadow Council in an attempt to end a war.

Limbic Entertainment who previously worked on Might & Magic X Legacy are now developing Might & Magic Heroes VII. Limbic have proved that they are more than capable of handling Might & Magic universe.

Details about the seventh installment in the long-running series are limited so far to a press release which said some interesting things about the game like “a more detailed world than ever to explore and conquer,” and “a complex economic system to master”.

Ubisoft says fans can play a part in the development process of the game by chatting and giving their opinions to devs by joining an online Shadow Council and “influence the content of the game.” More details about the game are expected to be revealed in the coming days at Gamescom.

While talking about the game CEO Stephan Winter explains:

Basically, our goal is to take the best out of the previous Heroes titles and build Heroes VII from there. Of course we’re also bringing in new features or new ideas without compromising the spirit of Heroes, such as more interactions on the Adventure Map allowing more strategies. For now we won’t delve too much into the details but we have brought in hundreds of small improvements which will help to perfect the formula. All in all we believe that we have the perfect mix of proven features, adjusted ones and new ones.

Fans of Might & Magic series can expect the game sometime in 2015 exclusively on PC.