IMC Rising, Titanfall’s Final DLC to be Released in Fall 2014

Respawn Entertainment’s fast paced futuristic shooter, Titanfall would be getting its third and final DLC map pack in Fall as announced during GamesCom 2014.

The DLC, titled IMC Rising (after the evil IMC faction in the game) will add three new maps to the game bringing the combined total of DLC maps added including those from Frontier’s Edge and Expedition to a total of nine.

The map pack will be released on Xbox One and PC first with the Xbox 360 release to follow at a later date. The DLC can be purchased separately however, Season Pass owners can get access for free (after purchasing the Season Pass for $25 of course)

The map names and locations haven’t been mentioned as of now but given the DLC title, its highly possible they will be set in urban areas.

Respawn Entertainment, founded by old Infinity Ward employees who worked on Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, allows players to control giant mechs called Titans as well as their Pilots in Titanfall.

The game is a multiplayer only title where 6 man teams battle each other with a huge arsenal of weapons, gadgets and jetpacks, aided by a large number of bots.