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FIFA 15 Career Mode Changes and Features Explained

Career Mode is a big part of FIFA 15 and EA knows that, which is why they are bringing slew of new changes to the mode this year so that your management feels even more real.

Three major changes that you will experience in the upcoming football title are:

  • Player Growth – FIFA 15 has a more realistic system for player growth and potential. Highly rated older players won’t retire as quickly and high potential players grow faster if you give the opportunity to do so.Global Transfer Network – Improved scouts will now automatically recognize squad weaknesses and suggest replacement players based on the team you want to build.
  • Intuitive Player Search – A new player search screen lets you find players faster and better suited to your team. Player names populate as you search.
  • Storylines and Presentation – Accurate and in-depth analysis around players, team and leagues during the match and throughout the mode as you progress your career.

In addition to that, you will be able to form six team sheets and when the situation arises, you will be able to pick one of them without any further trouble.

Furthermore, you will now be able to give instructions to the on field players and guide them on how should they proceed in order to get the desired results.

EA is looking right on track with FIFA 15, but will it be the best FIFA ever? That we will find out on September 23rd when the game launches on all home consoles and PC except Wii U.

Source: EA Sports