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DayZ Standalone May Come to Xbox One, Not Exclusive to Any Platform

Seeing Bohemia Interactive’s Dean Hall announce DayZ Standalone for Playstation 4 at Sony’s Gamescom press conference put many people under the impression that the game might be a PS4 console-exclusive; which clearly isn’t the case.

In response to a fan who complained that exclusives from third-party developers are anti-consumer and make no sense in 2014, Hall acknowledged and stated that DayZ standalone is not exclusive to any platform. This kind of implies that we might see an Xbox One version, down the road.

Earlier this year, Dean Hall also stated that he had extensive dialogues with Microsoft and they seemed to provide a realistic publishing model:

We’d certainly consider release on any feasible platform with a realistic publishing model. It seems like currently both of the next-gen consoles should provide an environment we can develop inside.

I’ve not personally had the opportunity to view the full details of the PS4 whereas I have had the opportunity to talk extensively with Microsoft.

Coming back to Sony’s press conference, we didn’t receive any concrete release window or any gameplay footage of any sort which kinds of hints that there is a long way before we finally get to see the game’s console version.

Still, if the fans’ self-assumed exclusivity of the game has been bugging you, this should clear things up!