Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Gamescom Trailer Shows Claptrap as a Playable Character

Borderlands: The Pre-sequel finally gets a much awaited trailer to shed some light on the 4th playable character, Claptrap.

A prequel to Borderlands 2 showing Handsome Jack’s rise to power, The game takes place on Elpis, one of Pandora’s moons and the playable characters Nisha, Athena, Wilhelm and Claptrap are all NPCs from previous Borderlands games.

The trailer shows the various dangers players will be facing on Elpis, including new enemies as well as dangerous environments in their journey to take over the Hyperion Corporation and help Handsome Jack become the president.

Claptrap’s powers include Torgue Fiesta, Funzerker and Laser Inferno. As the names suggest, Funzerker allows Claptrap to dual wield weapons like the Gunzerker and Laser Inferno allows him to shoot various laser beams from his body.

As seen in previous Borderlands games, seems like once again Claptrap would be the big comic relief in this one as well, cracking random jokes and being, well Claptrap (called Claptrap The Fragtrap here)

Borderlands: The Pre Sequel is scheduled to be released on 14th October for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC introduce new gameplay mechanics, including anti-gravity, freeze weapons, and oxygen tanks which can be used to navigate environments and perform special attacks like ground smash.