Shadow Realms is a New 4 vs. 1 Action RPG by Bioware Austin

Bioware recently started teasing a new game which looked like a horror title combined with the developer’s signature RPG elements. Well during EA’s GamesCom 2014 conference, the veil was finally lifted and Shadow Realms was announced, under development by Bioware Austin.

The game will function as a 4v1 (like Evolve) online action-rpg. Players can join with up to 3 other friends to take down the big bad monster, Shadow Lord which will be controlled by another player. Various weapons and special powers are at their disposal including swords, axes and warp powers.

The Shadow Lord can manipulate the world and spawn various types of minions to halt the progress of the 4 hunters after it.

Group General Manager Matthew Bromberg explained that Shadow Realms’ overarching story will develop “like a great TV series,” with each episode being “experienced together, by the community, as it’s released.”

Currently the game is scheduled for a 2015 release only for PC and there is no word on a console release. Those interested in testing out the game in its Alpha build can sign up over here and hope to be chosen once the testing begins next month.