Battlefield Hardline Gets a 12-Minute Singleplayer Demo at Gamescom, New Multiplayer Modes Revealed

During its Gamescom conference, EA gave us our first look at Battlefield Hardline single player campaign with over 12 minutes of footage, which you can see above.

The single player campaign of the game seems like a cop drama, where there will be different episodes that will be played like a single stage or a single level.

In the game, players will take control of Nick Mendoza, who is a Miami detective as and will go through his story during the whole campaign.

Battlefield Hardline is being developed by Visceral Games who has made quite a name for itself with the incredible Dead Space trilogy and fans are expecting an equally good single player campaign from the upcoming title.

In addition to revealing the single player campaign, developer also unveiled couple of new multiplayer modes for the game, with the first one called Hotwire, in which the cops have to chase criminals on cars which is nice new addition to the traditional multiplayer modes.

Other mode revealed during the press conference is called Rescue, where the players will only be given one life per round and they will have to take the enemy players out without dying.

All of these modes of Battlefield Hardline are looking pretty exciting and we will see if the final product lives up to the expectations when it releases next year for PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.