Batman: Arkham Knight Gamescom Demo Details – Combat, Combos and Batmobile

As expected, Rocksteady is present at GamesCom 2014 with a demo for their upcoming final installment of the Arkham franchise, Batman: Arkham Knight.

The gameplay demo shows Batman in a rescue mission, trying to save workers in an ACE Chemicals plant which has been taken over by the Arkham Knight and Scarecrow’s forces. The demo also shows a few up close looks at the Arkham Knight and highlights his armor as well as similarities to Batman.

Some new gadgets are shown in action such as the Bat-scanner which functions somewhat like a UAV after thrown and allows Batman to find the workers through their unique ID tags.

Surprise attacks on enemies by smashing through windows or weak structures leads to time being slowed down for a short while resulting in really cool cinematic moments.

The combat seems to have been further improved in terms of fluidity and chaining combos.

Speaking of combos, there seems to be an even bigger variety now, allowing players to use more objects in the environment in order to take down enemies (dropping ceiling lights and so forth)

The Batmobile can be used in combination with regular melee attacks in such a way that the enemies can be suppressed by the Batmobile while Batman sneaks up to the them for quick takedowns.

Batman: Arkham Knight is set to be released in 2015 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.