Alien: Isolation Gamescom Trailer Showcases The Horrors

The highly anticipated horror title Alien: Isolation has received a new trailer at Gamescom, which shows the game’s protagonist Amanda Ripley trying to escape from the chasing alien.

Apart from showcasing the protagonist and antagonist, the video shows multiple dark environments that players will be coming across during their playthrough of the game.

With Alien: Isolation, developers want to revive the horror genre that has been dying since the last few years and to do so, they are going to include just one Alien into the game that can pop up at any time, while in other situations, you will just be scavenging for supplies and running for your life.

The game will also feature some stealth elements as you will have to hide from the said alien in the game as it will be on a constant hunt to take you down.

This kind of gameplay experience sure seems exciting and it looks like that Creative Assembly really wants the players to be on their toes all the time.

We will see how successfully developers manage to scare the players when Alien: Isolation releases for PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PC on 7th of October.