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Xbox One Future Updates to Bring USB and DLNA Support With Improved Social Integration

Microsoft’s Gamescom press conference is about to go in a few minutes, and Microsoft’s Major ‘Larry Hyrb’ Nelson has already started outlining some of the features headed to Xbox One.

According to Major Nelson, they have closely been monitoring fans’ active feedback and are integrating new ways to play and interact with friends, new ways to watch TV, and support for USB and DLNA in the pipeline.

Here’s a quick rundown of all the features that are headed your way via Xbox One updates:

  • The new Friends section that enables users to see what their ‘Friends’ are upto along with a Gamerscore Leaderboard is now headed to all Xbox One members
  • Xbox One Media Player will now play files from an external USB device or DLNA protocols and will feature far more formats than Xbox 360
  • A new feature which will allow users to boot directly to TV is also in the works
  • With Live TV mini guide, you will be able to see information regarding the TV show you are currently watching
  • Microsoft is planning to launch the Xbox One in 29 new markets with more information coming in few weeks

As for the compatible formats that will be supported by Xbox One are:

  • 3gp audio
  • 3gp video
  • 3gp2
  • aac
  • adts
  • animated gif
  • asf
  • avi divx
  • avi dv
  • avi uncompressed
  • avi xvid
  • bmp
  • jpg
  • gif
  • h264 avchd
  • mjpeg
  • mkv
  • mov
  • mp3
  • mpeg 1 ps
  • mpeg 2
  • mpeg 2 hd
  • mpeg 2 ts
  • mpeg 4 h264 aac
  • mpeg 4 sp
  • png
  • tiff
  • wav
  • wma
  • wma lossless
  • wma pro
  • wma voice
  • wmv
  • wmv hd

For more information, check out Major Nelson’s blog!