Steam Tags Exit Beta, Makes A Few Changes

Steam has released its tag option out of beta and will be applying a few changes to its system. Steam Tags have been in beta since February.

During its testing period, Valve was able to collect some data to see how the program has benefited its platform. For instance, Steam Tags helped to let users find more games that they liked.

This transpired in two different sections on the storefront. Its first increase was noted on game pages themselves, in the More Like This section.

This category lets browsers see games that are listed as being similar to the one they’re seeing. Thanks to Steam Tags, the titles listed there became more relevant, meaning more clicks to other selections.

In another section, the Recommended For You page, users were also receiving more games relevant to their tastes. Where these were too general at first, Steam Tags helped to zone in on other items in line to what you’re playing, resulting in more clicks.

Some changes made to the program are seen in a merging of all languages for users who aren’t choosing to browse in English. Given that some languages had a considerable amount less users, segregating tags didn’t result in optimal recommendations, due to the community’s tendency to throw in jokes.

On another note, some tags may now be merged together, to prevent a list of vastly similar or misspelled words to be used for one title.

While Steam Tags is now out of beta, Valve will continue its support, updating when necessary.

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