Space Hulk: Ascension Edition Adds A Ton More Content

Developer Full Control has announced Space Hulk: Ascension Edition, the newest iteration to their board game adaptation on PC. It is expected to release late this year.

Space Hulk: Ascension Edition plays in a confined space environment, with corridors and rooms divided into tiles for movement. Through limited mobility, a team of Space Marines have to crawl their way through these locations, fighting off vicious Genestealer aliens.

The game has a chess-like tactical model, where placing squad members up in strategic places can be just as vital to survival as attacking lurking enemies head on.

It sounds like the company will be trying its best to pack on more content this time around, as there will be over 100 missions, spread across three full campaigns. Moreover, flash missions will be introduced as optional quests to either help out in further progress or set up a trap.

Moreover, Space Hulk: Ascension Edition will introduce an experience model to enhance squad members and customize them with some personal flair. Moreover, new units will be introduced, such as a Space Marine with a Cyclone missile launcher.

In turn, Genestealers will now also come in different strains for more enemy variety. Fleshhook, Feeder Tendril and Acid Maw biomorphs have been confirmed.

Finally, rooms in Space Hulk: Ascension Edition will only light up when explored, sort of like a fog of war system.

Previously, the original Space Hulk title released with only a handful of missions and minimal options. It worked to enhance a tactical scope, but hopefully the increased amount of game design in Space Hulk: Ascension Edition will have its own dynamic.