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Free to Play MOBA Smite is Coming to Xbox One

Microsoft just announced at GamesCom 2014 that their unique 3rd person MOBA, Smite developed by Hi-Rez Studios (the developers behind Tribes: Ascend) would be making its way to the company’s current generation console, Xbox One.

The free to play third person MOBA allows players to step into the shoes of various mythological gods like Thor, Odin, Hercules and so forth. Like any typical MOBA, teams will be based of three to five players each.

Players will not just be engaging in PvP combat with the enemies but will also have to band together with their team mates and fight various monsters and bosses in the game spread throughout the lanes as well as dungeon-esque areas.

Given how the game plays unlike other MOBAs and is more of a hybrid between third person action and first person skill based shooter, it should perform great on controllers.

The game was officially launched on PC earlier this year and was really well received by critics as well as players.