ScreamRide Coming to Xbox One and Xbox 360 in Spring 2015

I know there are pretty slim chances, but if you happen love joyrides and have evil intentions of throwing people off rollercoasters, you’re all in for a treat.

At Microsoft’s Gamescom press conference today, Frontier Developments announced a new Xbox One exclusive, ScreamRide. The game is a novel experience allowing players to create and play user-generated content.

Wait, there’s more! The game basically revolves around a futuristic theme park where you could design your very own roller-coaster tracks with the intention of causing grave accidents and killing the masses.

Defy the basic laws of Physics and get onto creating anything that would transform a joyous ride into a Final Destination. Other than this, not much is known, but we did get to see an announcement trailer comprising of some in-game footage that you can see above.

Developed by the same team who brought Elite: Dangerous, Kinectimals, and Zoo Tycoon, ScreamRide is slated to launch during spring 2015 season exclusively for both Xbox One and Xbox 360.