Rockstar Bans GTA V Online Players for Participating in Modded Lobbies

Rockstar is striking down the players who either participate or host modded lobbies in GTA Online. Culprits are being punished with either temporary or permanent console ban.

Rockstar and Microsoft is keeping a close eye on players as suggested by the numerous bans reported over the internet. Point to ponder is, how XBLA is banning accounts of players for something they did in the game?

People have been getting a temporary two weeks ban for playing in or hosting these lobbies and if your track record indicates of a prior history of these offences then you get a console ban.

One of the players who got banned for 14 days received a message on his Xbox Live account stating that his privileges has been temporarily suspended due to cheating inappropriate gameplay or system abuse.

People have been getting banned for not only getting into lobbies but also even if when they try to get into a lobby by sending message to modders or when they try to find a way around to play in a modded lobby.

We don’t have any official take on the situation by either Rockstar or Microsoft. We do understand Rockstar is rather harsh on cheaters in GTA Online and their current stance may just be business as usual.

What are your thoughts on the news? Do you think a two week ban is a bit of an overkill if the player only intends to participate in a modded lobby? Share your opinions below!