Quantum Break Gamescom Gameplay Demo Shows Promise

Microsoft and Remedy treated eager fans to a detailed gameplay of the upcoming time controlling action-adventure game, Quantum Break. The gameplay showed the protagonist Jack Joyce being chased through docks like area by members of The Monarch Corporation.

Unlike the earlier trailers, the game looks to be highly action oriented where players will always have to be on the edge of their feet during enemy encounters and use the various time bending powers at their disposal.

Jack can stop time around him, freezing the enemies in place while he moves around to get to flank them for a quick melee takedown or avoid incoming gun fire. Players will also be able to use their powers to stop incoming bullets as well as reverse them back to enemies.

After a failed time travel experiment, the game’s world is in shambles in terms of time. Occasionally, players will notice time stutters where objects will stop moving for a brief period of time.

The time can completely cease in various occasions as well allowing Jack to navigate around the world while everything else is stuck in its place.

The Monarch Corporation has some mechanized soldiers as well along with the regular ones. These soldiers are equipped with custom-made gear and unique weapons, which allow them to move around normally through these time-stutters, in order to take down Jack.

Jack can, however, still use his powers on these soldiers to stop them for a short while to execute strategic environmental takedowns (causing nearby cars or objects to explode).

There is no fixed release date for the game yet but judging by the gameplay video, a 2015 release is highly possible.