PS4 Firmware Update 2.0 Brings Share Play Feature

The long awaited Share Play feature will finally be making its way to PlayStation 4 consoles this year.

Sony has confirmed that the feature will be included in the System Software update 2.0 set to be released this fall.

Share Play will allow players to take control of other PS4 owner’s games through the internet, kind of like passing the controller to another person but virtually.

The feature was originally announced back in February 2013 when PS4 was unveiled, however it was not shipped with the console at launch but is finally making its way to players.

“Let’s go from sitting back and watching friends play to actually jumping into games remotely and sharing great experiences together in real time,” said Sony in an official announcement.

Another great thing about the feature is that only one person has to own the game in question while the other can enjoy it sitting in the comfort of their own home. This way if players are stuck in some part of a game they can invite their friends to help them through it.

The System Software update also brings with it support to upload videos directly to YouTube as well as a new and revamped “What’s New” activity board allowing for real time updates about activities. More features to be introduced will be announced soon.