Pre-Order and Pre-Download is Finally on its Way to Xbox One

Following support for 3D Blu-rays, better social media integration, and a ton of much-needed features, Xbox One is at last getting game pre-loading, Xbox Division head Phil Spencer announced today during Microsoft Gamescom press conference.

The service is expected to roll out starting September, 2014 with Forza Horizon 2 (which will arrive on Sept. 30) and FIFA 15 (which will arrive on Sept. 26) with support for more games in coming months.

Microsoft has been working on this feature for quite some time as it allows users to download the complete game to their consoles before the actual release date. By doing so, users can hop right into the game as soon as it becomes available without waiting any further.

PC enthusiasts must be like, ‘Meh! I’ve been doing this for years.’ But hey! This is something worthwhile for those who solely own an Xbox One.

It might also interest you that Sony’s Playstation 4 already received this feature in the console’s April update.

Are you finally looking forward to Xbox One Pre-Order and Pre-Download? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!