Ori and the Blind Forest Gamescom 2014 Gameplay Trailer Shows a Survival Run

The gameplay of Moon Studios’ beautiful looking indie title, Ori and the Blind Forest was showcased at GamesCom 2014. The game, published by Microsoft Studios is scheduled to be released in 2014 exclusively for Xbox One and PC.

The gameplay video showed the intense fast paced gameplay combined with amazing visuals and music which fans can expect from this platformer. Players get to control Ori, a white spirit, through a vertical traversal mission, trying to get out of this situation while the water level under his feet rises.

Players not only have to keep climbing as fast as possible to avoid being drowned in the water, they also have to avoid various enemies in the area and environmental dangers. Objects in the world can be used to slingshot Ori, providing a speed boost for faster climbing.

Ori’s special powers allow players to briefly pause or slow down time for better navigation, resuming the time slingshots Ori in a specific direction. Players will also be able to use various portals in order to move from one section to another.

Ending of the gameplay gives a better look at the game’s antagonist, a giant owl like monster.