Nikola Tesla Joins The Knights In The Order: 1886 Gamescom Trailer

Ready at Dawn’s upcoming third-person action adventure, The Order: 1886 received a new trailer during GamesCom 2014. The trailer showcases a new character added to the ranks of the Knights, the famous scientist Nikola Tesla.

While Tesla would not serve as a fighter, his role is still crucial as he serves as the craftsman for The Order, creating various weapons for them to aid in the fight against the Lycans, half-breed monsters which terrify the Neo-Victorian London.

His creations range from regular rifles to sniper rifles, electric shock weapons, shotguns, and we also get a glimpse of the famous Tesla Coil in the trailer.

Of course as one would expect, creating such deadly weapons and handing them over to warriors leaves some sort of an impact on the creator, fearing whether his creation would be used for good or bad. That seems to be the case with Tesla in the trailer.

The scientist seems conflicted as to whether his creations are actually doing well in the world or leading it further into chaos and ultimately result in humanity’s downfall.

The Order: 1886 is set to be released exclusively for PS4 on February 25th 2015.