Mysterious Horror Game P.T. Teased For PlayStation 4

At its Gamescom 2014 press conference earlier today, Sony announced a new horror game for the PlayStation 4 called P.T.

The game is shrouded in mystery for now since Sony didn’t care to reveal any details about it, except for a trailer that’s a teaser at best. The company thought it best to not even inform us on what exactly the acronym stands for.

The accompanying video shows some first-person corridor traversing and a few screaming folks with controllers in their hands, which the video cares to label as authentic reactions.

In collaboration with Sony, developer 7780s Studio has released a demo for the game on the PlayStation Network Marketplace, which you can download right now for the PlayStation 4. We’ve yet to try it out but according to the developer, it’s “the world’s first interactive teaser.” Should be interesting.

The teaser demo weighs in at 1.3 GB. A release date is unknown but from the looks of it 2015 seems likely.