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League of Legends Getting ‘Master Tier’ on top of Diamond, Challenger Cap Increased to 200

Riots Games Informed its top League of Legends Players about soon to be made changes to their Ranked Ladder. Right now, the system caps at Diamond 1 with a limited 50 players or team challenger tier reserved for the best players.

With the coming changes a new tier “Master tier” on top of diamond 1 will be added, with no player or team limit but the the major change is to the challenger which will now be the top 200 players in the Master tier with immunity removed and refreshed every 24 hours.

Riots Games has been known to be unhappy with the current challenger system which is mainly due to an immunity for new challenger that prevents them from dropping back in Diamond 1 for a week. There will be no immunity from now on and all players will be ranked on the same metrics.

Furthermore, top 200 players or teams will be given the challenger status. Players who earn their immunity will now have to keep playing in order to keep the rank instead of  hanging their boots and waiting for the season to end.

Here is a summary of the new Master tier:

  • All new “Master” tier
  • Players qualify for Master tier through promotion from Diamond 1
  • Master tier has no player or team limit — it holds as many as can qualify
  • Challenger tier still the top of the League
  • Challenger reserved for the top 200 players in Master tier, or all those in Master tier until more than 200 qualify
  • Becoming Challenger no longer grants immunity, though qualifying for Master tier does
  • Challenger’s top 200 recalculated every 24 hours

League Of Legends is a major part of eSports and is a free to play multiplayer online battle areana developed by Riot Games for Microsoft windows and Mac OS X.