Hellblade is a New PS4 Timed-Exclusive From Ninja Theory, Will be Delivered Independently

During Sony’s Gamescom 2014 press conference today, developer Ninja Theory revealed a new title they are working on and it’s called Hellblade.

The debut cinematic trailer showcased a woman with a sword that has some runes etched on the blade. She’s shown kneeling in front of someone being held with a bag over hid head, while later she is seen preparing for battle against an unseen enemy.

According to Ninja Theory’s Twitter account, Hellblade “feels and looks AAA, but will be smaller, lower priced and delivered independently.” The developer has previously worked on projects such as Devil May Cry with Capcom, Enslaved with Namco Bandai and Heavenly Sword with Sony. The latter of which comes instantly to mind upon seeing the reveal trailer.

Judging from Ninja Theory’s past work, we can expect Hellblade to feature fast and stylish action with good visuals.

It’s highly unlikely that Hellblade is a sequel to Heavenly Sword, or at least NT didn’t spoke of it as such. It could be a spiritual successor though.

Hellblade will release first for the PlayStation 4 and then later on other platforms. That probably confirms an Xbox One release but a PC port is yet to be confirmed.