Below Gameplay Trailer at Gamescom Shows us the Dark and Gloomy Environments

Capybara Games’ adventure game, Below received a new gameplay trailer during Gamescom 2014 as part of Microsoft’s ID@Xbox program.

The top down perspective indie title allows players to control a tiny warrior exploring dangerous locations on a remote island. Key focus of gameplay is on exploration as well as the player’s survival.

The gameplay locations are randomly generated so as to ensure a different experience each time players replay the game or certain sections of it. The gameplay trailer shows the character moving and fighting various kinds of enemies in open areas as well as confined and dungeon like locations.

The combat is designed to be challenging but fair and losing results in permanent death instead of retrying from checkpoints. Along with their main weapons, players can also use various tools like flame torches to scare away enemies.

Jim Guthrie, known for his soundtrack of Indie Game: The Movie as well as another Capybara title, Superbrothers: Sword & Sorcery will be creating the soundtrack for Below.

Below is set to be released for Xbox One and PC sometime in 2015. For now, the game only has a singleplayer mode but it is expected that a multiplayer mode will be introduced later as well.