World of Speed Shows Team Racing, Screw Solo Play

World of Speed, the massively multiplayer online (MMO) from developer Slightly Mad Studios, has received a new trailer. It shows off Team Racing, a game mode where cooperative racing is vital to victory.

Where normally races rely mostly on solo efforts, Team Racing will divide the track between just two camps, blue and red. Each side has a few drivers of their own who must complete certain objectives to rack up points.

Points can be won by drifting accurately through turns or by finding shortcuts on tracks. The more team members complete these goals, the more points are earned.

Naturally, finishing with a good time will work towards a good score as well, but this game mode wants to make World of Speed more than the ego boost that is the racing genre. Since the MMO is centered on playing together with tons of others online, it’s refreshing to see someone putting real thought into team dynamics.

World of Speed will be a free-to-play title on PC. It’s the second racing title in the works from Slightly Mad Studios, who is mostly known for Project Cars on the newest consoles and PC.

Project Cars is making a lot of progress lately as well. Recently, the team decided to side with Bandai Namco for publishing.

Moreover, Project Cars will have a limited edition as a retail release. It will come with some physical goods, as well as more vehicles in-game.

Both Project Cars and World of Speed are dated for 2014 release, though the former will be out on Wii U in 2015.