Fable: Legends Multiplayer Beta Starting From October 16th

Lionhead Studio’s cooperative RPG, Fable: Legends is getting a closed multiplayer beta on Xbox One, Microsoft announced during its Gamescom press conference.

The beta announcement trailer that we saw, once again showcased how players can choose to play either as a villain or a hero. Those of you who don’t know, the game can be played in a third-person perspective while assuming the role of a hero or in a top-down perspective while assuming the role of a villain.

Players can also join their friends for a four-player co-op experience, with each one of them having their unique set of abilities and attributes.

Visually, we also got a closer look at Lionhead Studios custom Dynamic Global Illumination tech for Unreal Engine 4.

Although no concrete release date was provided, but fans can hop into the multiplayer beta starting from Oct. 16, 2014 by signing up at the game official website!

Check out the beta announcement trailer above and tell me, aren’t those chickens truly adorable?