Driveclub Gamescom Trailer Focuses on Online Challenges

Driveclub after suffering numerous delays, is finally going to hit the shelves this October and to get the fans excited for the game, Evolution Studios has released a new trailer at Gamescom.

The new video shows the game’s challenge system, which by the looks of it will allow you to challenge your friends and other players to complete for different challenges.

The best part of the challenge system is the players because as more people participate in a challenge, you will have more chances to take away the large chunk of points as a reward.

Not only the game will have an extremely unique multiplayer mode, but it will also feature a single player mode in which you will be able to compete against the AI opponents.

After so many delays, Driveclub will see the light of Day on 7th of October exclusively for PlayStation 4.

Are you looking forward to get your hands on the racing title and complete different challenges?