Depression Quest Wilfully Launches Quietly On Steam, Go Play It

Today, Depression Quest launched on Steam, after a lot of internet drama about the game and, in extent, about its creators. It’s a free title with just plain text and a minimal soundtrack, if wanted.

Despite the title’s adventurous tone, Depression Quest is a solemn, brutally real look into the mind of a depressed individual. You’ll be tasked with very few things, simply seeing the story of the character’s life, working habit and relationships unfold.

Periodically, some text boxes may give an inclination of choice. However, most options will be crossed out, signifying the depressive state where logical answers aren’t available to proceed.

It’s been an ominous day to release Depression Quest, as just prior to the game’s launch, the news hit of actor Robin Williams death. It’s likely Williams’ passing is linked to a suicide caused by a long battle with depression.

In light of this news, developer Zoe Quinn has come out to say that they won’t be promoting the release for Depression Quest for some time, to avoid being seen as benefiting from this tragedy. Williams, 63, has three children, one of whom is Zelda Williams, seen in several adverts for Nintendo.

Prior to Depression Quest getting onto Steam, the game sparked some unrest on the internet when it went through Steam Greenlight. Some were upset at the game’s lack of content, while other went further to personally single out Zoe Quinn for their beliefs.

Depression Quest is a free-to-play title, but it’s possible to donate in a pay-what-you-want model. Those proceeds will be given towards charity.

You can support Depression Quest on its site.