New Batman: Arkham Knight Screenshots Show Batman Against the Arkham Knight’s Army

Rocksteady’s final installment of its flagship franchise, Batman: Arkham Knight has received a couple of new screenshots showing the Capped Crusader and his Batmobile wage a one-man war against the Arkham Knight’s army.

Batman: Arkham Knight

One of the images was leaked a few days ago by Batman Arkham fan-site, ArkhamVerse and now has seen its way to Batman: Arkham Knight’s Facebook and Twitter feed.

Although not much can be extracted from the images, but we do know that Arkham Knight has significant resources to take down the Batman. The caption on one of the image depicts the Arkham Knight mocking the Batman and his Batmobile:

We are the finest army ever assembled, whereas he is just one man. Let him come at us in his ‘tank’. We have hundreds of tanks.

Batman: Arkham Knight

Take a walk to your mind palace and you will remember seeing these tanks during the game’s E3 demo. Now we know to whom those tanks belong, but what we don’t know is whether the Arkham Knight is operating on his own or he’s a hired gun by the game’s other villains. And most importantly, why does he want to kill the Batman?

Skipping last-gen consoles, Batman: Arkham Knight releases on PC, PS4, and Xbox One sometime in 2015.