Alienation is an Exclusive PS4 Title From Creators of Resogun

Alienation is a new fun action-filled indie title from the makers of Resogun and it’s exclusively in development for the PlayStation 4.

During Sony’s Gamescom 2014 conference today, developer Housemarque implied that Alienation is a spiritual successor to its Dead Nation title. Only that with Alienation, players will be dealing with swarms of alien creatures instead of zombie hordes.

It features co-op support for up to four players where you can either choose to work together as a team against the alien horde, or go rogue and turn against your own squad mates. The latter better have some good reason and incentive to do so.

Currently we know very little about the sci-fi inspired title and Housemarque has a lot to inform us about. Much like Resogun, Alienation looks and feel beautiful.

Hopefully the developer will drop in more details in the days to follow.