Sony Teases Upcoming PS4 Horror Title, Probably Until Dawn

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has released another teaser, the third in the series, about an upcoming horror title for the PlayStation 4.

According to the short video, the upcoming title will reinvent the horror genre but still doesn’t clarify as to which title it really is.

Speculations put the title as being Until Dawn. Reason being that Sony was recently spotted to have had renewed their trademark filing for the game.

Until Dawn was originally announced for the PlayStation 3 in January 2013 and was revealed to work with PlayStation Move.

As for the part about it reinventing the genre, that could possibly hint towards the implementation of Project Morpheus, Sony’s Virtual Reality gizmo.

Sony’s Gamescom 2014 press conference will take place tomorrow. We’ll know then as to why Sony is so confident about whatever Supermassive Games is cooking up.

Other notable titles confirmed for a PlayStation 4 reveal include the highly acclaimed Journey and Surgeon Simulator.

Update: Sony Asia Marketing and Product Planning Manager Naito Arata just confirmed through Twitter that the game really is Until Dawn.

“Gamescom 2014. Can you survive‚ĶUntil Dawn? PlayStation Blog http://t.co/r3TSHFq48z via @PlayStationEU”

The Tweet has since then been taken down.