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RuneScape Gets Its First Expansion After 13 Years – Too Little, Too Late?

Remember RuneScape? the massively multiplayer role playing game released back in 2001?

The game has got its first expansion pack since it was released approximately 13 years ago. It’s fascinating! Did you ever thought that a game this old will get an expansion after so long? I didn’t.

The expansion known as the Lost City Of The Elves, will bring an end to the long-running campaign “Elf Quest”. The expansion which comes out today will mark the beginning of a new adventure called Plague’s End. According to a press release by Jagex Game Studios.

“From today, high level players can begin their journey towards Prifddinas by taking part in the new and epic Plague’s End quest, the largest adventure in RuneScape to date. As well as being voted by RuneScape players as part of the game’s Player Power initiative, the development of the Lost City of the Elves has seen considerable collaborative efforts between Jagex and the community throughout its creation. The expansion pack is being released in three parts to enable players to experience and enjoy all areas of the new content. Today’s release of Plague’s End will be followed by the unlocking of one half of the elf city in September, and the second half in October.”

Furthermore, the expansion will bring along new skill training methods, wearables, minigames, a “guild social hub,” and the largest city in the game so far.

And as stated by the press release, Lost City Of The Elves will be released in three parts with the first one released, second and third are planned for September and October respectively which will further add new content to the game.

If you haven’t played the game yet, this news might give you an excuse to go back to this classic MMORPG and remember how things were in-game back then.

If you are interested in knowing more about Plague’s End follow the link to the Official site here.