Life is Strange by Remember Me Dev Announced for Xbox One, 360, PS3, PS4 and PC

Episodic narrative driven games are quite popular these days, take the example of The Walking Dead or The Wolf Among Us. The trend continues with Square Enix and Remember Me Devs Dontnod Entertainment announcing Life Is Strange for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3 and PC.

Here is an official overview of the game:

“Developed by DONTNOD Entertainment, the Paris-based studio who released their debut game REMEMBER ME™ last year the game takes place in the fictional town of Arcadia Bay, Oregon, where senior student Max Caulfield returns after a 5 year absence. Reunited with her former friend Chloe, the pair will attempt to uncover the uncomfortable truth behind the mysterious disappearance of fellow student Rachel Amber.”

“With high quality production values and a unique hand-drawn art style, LIFE IS STRANGE is a compelling, story-driven experience where choice and consequence play a key role in how the narrative unfolds. But there is a twist. At the beginning of the game Max discovers she has a remarkable power… the ability to rewind time. In LIFE IS STRANGE the player has the power to affect the game’s narrative and also change the course of history itself.”

As stated above, the game’s story revolves around a young girl named Max Caulfield who has the powers to manipulate time and is looking into the mysterious disappearance of her fellow senior at school Rachel Amber. And since it’s an episodic series, your decisions are going to affect the future plot accordingly.

While sharing his thoughts about the game, Square Enix’s Jon Brooke said:

“When we first saw LIFE IS STRANGE we immediately realised that DONTNOD have created a unique experience, something special. Everyone who’s seen the game has instantly fallen in love with its distinctive style and mood”

The concept of the game does look interesting and we are looking forward to know more about this title.