Football Manager to Help Premiere League Clubs in Scouting

In yet another example of games seamlessly blending in with real life events and helping professionals in some key decisions, Premiere League football clubs are now using Football Manager’s biographical, contractual and positional player database into their recruitment process.

A software called Prozone Recruiter is used to help scouts and coaches in their selections as it combines performance stats and archived video footage of over 80,000 players, something which the developers of Football Manager, Sports Interactive have been doing for the past two decades.

In order to further enhance the capabilities of Prozone Recruiter, Football Manager’s database will now be incorporated into Prozone.

In an interview with The Guardian, Prozone CEO Thomas Schimder said that this incorporation will further establish Prozone Recruiter as the most comprehensive recruitment and asset management platform available to football clubs.

Combined with Prozone’s amazing performance data, Football Manager’s network of over 1300 scouts will truly be a huge milestone in club recruitments.

Sports Interactive director Miles Jacobson said “Real managers around the world will be finding and comparing players using data and a search system that will be very familiar to players of Football Manager.”

Sports Interactive’s next iteration of the Football Manager franchise, Football Manager 2015 will be released later this year in November. More details about the game and added features is expected to be revealed in October.