Divinity: Original Sin Patch v1.0.107 Introduces UI Scaling And More

Divinity: Original Sin got a patch released for it which according to Larian, brings some bug fixes and UI scaling.

The studio went on a break after the release of Divinity: Original Sin and are now back with this update v1.0.107 to their game .

Information about the game’s update was posted on Steam community which is as follows:

  • Introduced UI scaling
  • Fixed translations of the journal, level names and secrets
  • Fix for corrupted packed files
  • Fixed the modding menu
  • Fixed Henchman XP issue when hiring
  • Fixed status icons being empty when a character is charmed
  • Fixed issues when characters stopped following each other
  • Fixed crash when closing trade before icons are loaded
  • Fixed invulnerable status of death knights being reapplied after save/load
  • Minimap moved back to top layer
  • Fixed rare crash when resurrecting
  • Fixed Henchmen changing visual after save/load
  • Fixed race condition with cooperative dialogs
  • Improved memory footprint on win32
  • Fixed enemy portrait targeting with special arrows

Editor fixes

  • AI grid generation fix
  • It’s now easier to add new scripts
  • Fixed a number of crashes
  • Improved error reporting when there’s an issue with file copying
  • Remove Perforce status icons if you don’t have perforce

For those of you who are not aware about the game, it is an isometric single player and multiplayer RPG with tactical turn-based combat and its story revolves around two hunters who devote their lives to ridding a mysterious energy known as Source from the world of Rivelon.

So if you are into that sort of stuff, you can grab a copy of the game via Steam. The game is available for the price of $39.99.