Beta Testers Have Traveled 237,690,882 Miles in The Crew

Ubisoft has released the stats for The Crew’s beta that took place on PC from July 21st to 25th which shows that participants around the world drove 237,690,882 Miles, which if you calculate results in 9563 tours around the world.

Furthermore, the released stats show that 387,113 Police Chases took place and only 5% of them ended in an arrest.

In addition to that, Ubisoft shares that players in just four days spent more than 18000 hours viewing the map of large and open world universe of the game.

With this huge scale Car game, there was supposed to be accidents which in return will require players to pay the cost for repairs and the total tally for repair costs as reported by Ubisoft is $10,313,370.

Other stats tell us that over 460,418 Medals were won by the players but due to high difficulty most of the players only managed to get the bronze medal.

The first beta of the highly anticipated title came to an end just a few weeks ago and if you were unable to be a part of it then worry no more as Ubisoft has opened up the registrations for second closed beta for PC, which is scheduled to take place on 25th of August.

Full release of The Crew will happen on November 11th when it will be available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.