BBC iPlayer Headed to Xbox One By The End of This Year

BBC has revealed that they will be bringing their popular iPlayer app to Xbox One later this year.

This news was confirmed by the executive Product Manager Marcus Parnwell, who during a Q&A with fans revealed that the Xbox One version of the BBC iPlayer is right on track and will see the light of day before the year’s end.

Q. You said Xbox One was coming soon – any update there?

A. Yes. I am happy to announce that we’re aiming to launch new BBC iPlayer on Xbox One by the end of this year.

Anyone who is unfamiliar with BBC iPlayer should know that it is an online service that allows the users to catch up with TV and radio shows from the previous weeks.

In addition to that, users can also watch their favorite shows on demand whenever they feel like without much of a bother.

BBC iPlayer was part of PlayStation 4 at launch and its inclusion into Xbox One will surely be helpful for a lot of users, who will be able to catch up with their favorite BBC shows with the help of this app.

Are you glad that BBC iPlayer is headed to Xbox One later this year?

Source: BBC