Arklay is a Resident Evil Based TV Series, Early Talks With Mance Media

It seems that everyone’s favorite zombie video game franchise, Resident Evil will soon be gracing the small screen in the form of a television series called Arklay.

Titled after the Arklay area from the original Resident Evil game, the series is still in very early stages of development where the creator, Shawn Lebert while talking to Polygon said that he is still writing the project and is in talks with Mance Media for production and distribution purposes.

The premise of the series seems to be of a typical police procedural set in the world of Resident Evil franchise where conspiracies are just as normal as a person having breakfast.

The protagonist, Detective James Reinhardt is investigating some murders which all link to the experiments carried on at the Umbrella Corporation. Of course asking questions will land the guy into trouble.

Live action adaptation of games is not really new, a lot of video game franchises have attempted it and most of them have failed miserably, even the Resident Evil series ( yes those movies, Leon from the last one literally had me on the verge of puking).

Making a really good movie is serious business however, on the other hand, creating a tv series allows the people behind it some room to mess up and even get away with it.

Given the sudden popularity of video game adaptations to tv series including Defiance and the upcoming Halo Nightfall and Quantum Break series, it’s understandable that we will be seeing a Resident Evil series. Let’s hope it doesn’t turn out to be like the movies and actually has some story.