Xbox One Cloud Can ‘Boost Overall Graphical Look By a Mile’, Says Developer

‘The power of the cloud’ was supposed to be a game changer for Microsoft. The company created a lot of hype for its Azure services, relaying how it will change the way we see online games. However, at the end of the day we’ve yet to see any title put forward that fully utilizes that feature and thus prove to the skeptical community about the cloud’s many wonders.

Over at NeoGAF, a developer has posted about the community’s pessimistic approach to Azure and has attempted to convey to everyone the actual reality.

User Kampfheld agreed that the Azure can not boost a game’s resolution, and nor can it create better lighting and shadows. However, it can “boost the overall graphical look by a mile”.

The developer wrote that he’s currently working on a game which will make use of Azure. At this point he explained just how tough it is to actually go for such a title because you have to choose between either an online game or one which features offline gameplay.

“Everything you code, you need to code for two scenarios,” he wrote. “If online = dynamic grass; if offline = static grass.”

The developer’s game is to be “online-only” and writing on NeoGAF he claimed that if he could show a screenshot of the latest build right now with Azure on/off, everyone would be shocked.

“I’m talking about Wind, dynamically moving vegetation, footprints that stay for hours and even wildlife nearly without losing any local CPU power. This is just awesome in the right situations.”

The mysterious title is set for release in 2015 and the developer doesn’t expect to unveil it before next year.

Source: NeoGAF