This GTA V Mod Can Change Character Models, A Gorilla Trevor Anyone?

An easy GTA V Mod via USB will now allow you to change the character model of Trevor, Michel, and Franklin into any other model from the game.

Feel like changing Trevor into Nigel? it’s possible. Or how about playing as Chop the dog? All made Possible with this easy GTA V Mod.

It should be noted here that Mod will only make changes to the facial model of these characters. In a fifteen minute video guide which you can see above, you can learn how to do this with just a USB and a free piece of software.

Furthermore, you can use your modded character in GTA Online (with the latest update).

When playing online with a modded character, players can play jobs with other players but can’t have any weapons on their character. If you want your Online weapons, you must first accept any job invite from Ron, Simeon, and then quit the job.

You will be back as your normal online character when you die, and while playing as a cop, other cops won’t be able to kill you if you have a wanted level.

With the release of GTA 5 PC version closing in, it looks like Modders are already hard at work on some pretty interesting stuff. Do note that you don’t need to mod your console to use this mod.

So if you haven’t tried out this mod yet and you are up for some fun, this might just be the thing you should be trying. Don’t forget to share your modded characters with us in the comments below!