Tekken 7 Might See an Arab Character, Katsuhiro Harada is Seeking Your Feedback

Tekkenites! The development team behind Tekken 7 is striving hard to end the Mishima saga with a bang which means we will get to see more characters of different origins.

It seems like we might get to see an Arab fighter featured in the game, as revealed by a recent Facebook Post made by the game’s Project Director Katsuhiro Harada. Harada has shared a concept art for an Arab character and is looking for feedback of Middle Eastern Community.

Harada stated that he had the idea of an Arab fighter since 2008, but lack of knowledge on Arab culture made him drop the idea, but now that he has learnt more about Arab culture, he is looking to introduce an Arab character:

To be honest, we did have an idea of an Arab fighter since 2008, but since most of the development team members are Japanese and do not know much about the Middle Eastern culture or clothes, we were not able to fully design it back then. But in recent years I (Harada) have been visiting places such as Dubai and Saudi Arabia, and many of the development staff members have been learning about Middle Eastern culture and designs. From there we came up with this character’s outfit design.

Hardcore Tekken players will know that Zafina who was featured in Tekken 6 came from a Middle Eastern background. As for this Arab character, nothing is finalized yet, but Harada is seeking advice on the character’s appearance and fighting style.

For more information and submit your feedback, check Harada’s Facebook post.