Star Citizen is Giving Away 1,000 UEC to Backers to Grace Their Hangers with Posters

Robert Space Industries’ space trading and combat simulator, Star Citizen is another ambitious title slated to make an appearance at Gamescom Cologne.

And while we are certain to receive some new information, the project’s backers will be awarded with some really cool posters to decorate their in-game hanger; another reason why I should be there. Story of my life!

To make the purchase, every ‘ready’ account has been updated with a thousand United Earth Credits (which according to my meek knowledge is equivalent to about a dollar) to make the purchase from the Voyager Direct store.

We’ve decided to go one step further, though, and let every backer add one of the new posters to their Hangar. We’ve added 1,000 UEC to every ‘ready’ account, which will allow you to choose any poster from the Voyager Direct store for free.

Backers can choose from either a 2944 Murray Cup racing poster, celebrating the Origin M50 and 350R or a Constellation poster, celebrating the soon-to-be-revealed Constellation line-up.

Furthermore, you are not bound to spend your credits on one of these posters alone as you are free to buy any other decorations or weapons.

To get a closer look at the images, head over to Robert Space Industries weblog!

In related Star Citizen News, the second module of the game, Arena Commander multiplayer mode is now available to all backers. For more information, check this link!