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Hotline Miami Lands on PS4 This Month

The original Hotline Miami has been confirmed to bring its gore fest to the PlayStation 4 this month.

The game will release with support for Sony’s Cross-Buy model where upon buying it for one platform, you automatically get access to play it on other Sony platforms as well. This way there’s no need of purchasing duplicate copies for the many platforms you own. You can simply play from one and continue from another.

In itself Hotline Miami is not a game that will really utilize the power PlayStation 4 offers. You can “beat people to death by shaking the gamepad” though. There could also be other features as well that we’ve yet to know about.

Hotline Miami borrows several elements from the 80’s culture. Alongside the over-the-top view, retro music and neon flares, the game is also pretty hard. You’ll find restarting the same level countless times.

Hotline Miami first landed on the PC and then later came to the PlayStation 3. It was part of Sony’s Instant Game Collection earlier this year where many were able to get a copy for the PS3 for free. Those who did will have a free copy now available for their PS4 as well.

Source: Twitter