The Crew to Get Another Closed Beta Starting From August 25

As we reported earlier, Julian Gerighty mentioned in an interview that there could very well be another beta for Ubisoft’s upcoming racing MMO, The Crew.

Well now we have a confirmation that the next closed beta for The Crew will start on August 25.

The news comes through Ubisoft Canada’s twitter account stating:

You asked for another Closed Beta. You’ve got it! We’ll see you on August 25.

However, will the next beta be on PC again or it will be consoles this time? That we don’t know yet. We are also not sure whether the previous beta testers will be invited again or a new round of invites will be sent.

For the time being, if you haven’t subscribed for the beta yet, you should immediately go here and register yourself.

Who knows you might get lucky.

And one more thing, apparently, the picture above was also spotted on Facebook by few users a while back but was taken down immediately. The official beta page hasn’t been updated yet though and at the time of writing, I couldn’t access the original tweet either.

It could be Ubisoft wanting to hold off the announcement until Gamescom next week.

Let’s hope that we will get another beta with consoles included this time around. Are you looking forward to try out Crew on the latest generation of consoles?