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Riftlight Is Now Called Space Cunts. Yes, Space Cunts

Developer Facepunch Studios, known for that name alone to be tactful individuals, have changed Riftlight’s name to Space Cunts. They were lead to the renaming due to a forward letter from Trion Worlds.

In the letter, the publisher states that their title offers a “Rift Lite” version and the Riftlight’s name would cause consumer confusion, which is grounds for a lawsuit. Given this is just a prototype, Facepunch Studios saw no issue in simply calling the game something else.

We desperately hope that Space Cunts is the permanent name for this twin-stick shooter. Normally, there’s an unwritten rule in media ethos where curse words are frowned upon, so being able to jot some down guilt-free is like an early Christmas.

Space Cunts also has some updates on its development. For instance, the blog post muses about the correct camera angle and flow for the action title, as it’s currently hard to find a way to keep a clear overview, without sacrificing speed.

There’s also a clever new dynamic, called Shackle Bot. With this ability, it’s possible to tie down enemies to a chain, leaving them with only a limited movement area.

The goal for Space Cunts is to eventually have distinctive classes with different abilities. Furthermore, development is currently looking into branching skills into multiple paths for more individual growth.

Finally, Space Cunts is looking into more areas, such as entering a gargantuan space monster, which would wrap the world in organic walls.

Space Cunts is only one of two prototypes Facepunch Studios has recently announced, all while Rust is still in development as well. This has upset a lot of fans, worried that there’s less time produce the Early Access title.