MMO Trove Alpha Access Is Just $5 Right Now

Everyone has their own little Minecraft world these days and publisher Trion Worlds is no different, spawning voxel title Trove into the world. This massively multiplayer online (MMO) title currently has a sale running that lowers the access for their Alpha build to just $5 or a little higher note of €4.99, if you happen to be European.

Normally, the Alpha build is restricted to their Adventurer tier of purchases. Now, the basic Scout tier has immediate game access as well, where it generally only has a Beta.

Since everyone needs something of its own, Trove’s hand is that it can make entire chunks of content, like an entire part of the world. This includes making your own characters, monsters, but also structures and dungeons.

A Cornerstone mechanism allows you to take a part of that as your base and travel to newly procedurally generated worlds. There, you can complete more quests, find new content and so on.

As every MMO adventure of its kind, Trove is packed with content and given it’s only in Alpha, it’s adding a lot more each month. For instance, it just created fiery dragons.

Since normally the Scout tier of $5 only adds Beta access, anyone who bought it previously should be getting an Alpha build as well.

Additionally, Trove has support purchases that climb way up, into absolutely ridiculous levels. Their highest tiers are Pixel Master at $1000 and Voxel Savant at $2500, where you get to make your own characters and biome.

Please don’t spend a car’s worth of money on an Alpha build. Just buy something nice instead.

Aside from Trove, Trion Worlds is mostly known for their MMO Rift. It recently also put up ArcheAge on Steam.

Trove’s Alpha promotion runs only until August 10, so hurry up if you don’t want to miss out on this one.