#killallzombies On PS4 Lets Stream Viewers Mess With You

Developer Beatshapers announced a new Playstation 4 title, #killallzombies. Sadly, it’s not even the first PS4 game to be branded with hashtags, as #Driveclub has that shady honor, though it’s pretty wishy-washy about it.

There is a slight link for #killallzombies to be tied to social media. Its third-person zombie shooter is set in that future variant where people watch slaughter spectacles for entertainment.

Players will be dropped in an arena where undead enemies get unleashed in waves. They’ll need to take one of seven weapons to destroy enemies, which comes with a few different ammo types.



Making its social media pitch a lot more fitting than just some Smash TV backstory, #killallzombies will allow for live stream interactions.

People tuning in to gameplay streams, either through the PS4’s broadcast channel or Twitch, will be able to direct what happens next. Spectators can vote to throw in even more zombies or affect the playing field.

As the arena is made of hexagonal parts, events will be able to alter gameplay. This can spawn new obstacles or weapons.

Killing off hordes will work towards a character progression system. Here, again, it’s possible for viewers to vote for which perks to collect, which come with added experience and health if chosen by the player.

Some Machiavellian options even allow people to put in commands to reverse the controls or mess with the camera angles. This is going to end badly for everyone.

We know one thing: #killallzombies is bringing us closer to the grand age of blood sports. More projects from Beatshapers include Ready to Run, which it previously announced for release on PS4.