Hyrule Warriors: New Videos Show Adventure Mode’s Opening Cinematic and Ganondorf’s Costumes

Tecmo Koei has released two new videos for Hyrule Warriors that may work well in carrying the hype train further as we head closer to its release in Japan.

The first video shows us the opening cinematic of the game’s Adventure mode, while the second is a gameplay trailer that gives us a peek at some of the costumes available for the newly confirmed Ganondorf.

Adventure Mode is a substitute for online play in Hyrule Warriors. It may not feature online connectivity in the traditional sense, but it does offer something similar along the lines. Players add a ‘Special Link’ to their maps who is generated based on other players’ user data.

Coming to this Link’s aid and fighting alongside him to complete missions will earn players special bonuses. The gameplay trailer for Ganondorf showcases two costumes, first of which is his Ocarina of Time costume where he wields two swords.

The second costume is from Twilight Princess and this comes with a unique moveset. He still wields two swords but his attack animations are more ‘flashy’. Instead of summoning an energy ball to finish his enemies, the costume allows him to summon lightning waves instead.

Video #1

Video #2