Earn $100 With Broken Bots, If You’re Better Than Only 47 Other Players

If you’re not into the vast amount of content that’s going up for grabs this weekend, you still might want to participate in the Beta for Broken Bots. It’s running on PC from now until August 14, 2014.

In this multiplayer game, you play a top-down shooter in pixel art style. That doesn’t mean it rips off Hotline Miami, like some may think.

Since this is a competitively driven title, there are a few ways to build different play styles. At the start of the round, it’s possible to choose a certain vehicle shell and then craft a few skills to complement it.

Abilities are divided in both active and passive traits. Building up different possibilities, such as the ability to let others malfunction, costs a different amount of points.

As a handy touch, the Beta event for Broken Bots currently supports actual artificial intelligence (AI), commonly referred to as bots. So, you won’t need to wait out in lobbies to play rounds and matches will always be full.

We strongly advise you download Broken Bots right now and start playing.

Does that mean that the multiplayer action is revolutionary? No. Well, it’s not bad and entirely functional to play around with different builds, but it’s not Titanfall or anything.

Why you should play Broken Bots right now is because it can land you cold hard currency and that’s an incentive more important than anything. Every day, the top ten players receive a free copy of the game.

That’s not why though. At the end of the Beta, the top 3 players will receive a Steam gift card of $100, $50 or $20. Interested now?

Currently, the top spots are likely to be the developers or their buddies, which is usually the case in these skewed matters. Still, I only played for ten minutes and managed to rocket to the top ten, because there are only 47 players at the time of writing.

If you feel like taking on a week project, go earn some Steam cash by playing Broken Bots right now.